About OSI

Occupational Services, Inc. (OSI) has been a mainstay in Franklin and Fulton Counties since 1957, and is based on the belief that every person should have the opportunity to be a productive member of the community. We strive to instill a sense of pride through workmanship in each employee by enhancing their unique individual abilities and applying those abilities in their daily job assignments. We provide employment services to more than 140 individuals each day, who perform high quality packaging, assembly, and processing work, as well as community work site tasks. We have many long term customers who will attest to the quality and timeliness of our production processes. OSI offers comprehensive employment programs to individuals with disabilities from Franklin and Fulton Counties. We serve individuals with disabilities such as Intellectual Disabilities, Mental Health Disorders, and various types of physical disabilities. Our programs are designed to help determine the individuals work skills and work potential. Our Program Specialists and Work Instructors assist individuals in learning positive work habits and worker personality traits. Clients are trained on jobs that are commensurate with their abilities. Many clients have been placed into competitive employment in our community through the efforts of OSI and the programs and services provided. Clients who work at OSI receive a paycheck for work completed based on local prevailing wages. OSI has two locations, with our main facility at 17 Redwood Street in Chambersburg, PA and out second location at 49 Industrial Drive. We consider OSI a hidden gem" in the community. Please call us to learn more about our capabilities, and what we may have to offer you!