Executive Director

Linda Mayo

Linda Mayo

2013 Annual Message

A quote from Mark Twain states, "If you stand still, you will fall behind."  I believe this phrase summarizes the philosophy at OSI as well.   During the past year, the "OSI Team" has forged ahead in fulfilling our mission of providing opportunities to individuals with disabilities.  Rather than being satisfied with the status quo, we have embraced challenges in both production and service provision with a "can-do" attitude. 

Over the course of  the past year,  OSI has served over 145 clients on a daily basis.  Our "team" has performed work for an ever expanding number of local "partner" companies, ending the year with a very positive bottom line,  due to improved efficiencies and increased work performed by clients.

OSI has continued to move forward through an increased presence in the community.  Work crews continue to be developed within local businesses to allow clients the opportunity to expand skills and experience.  One of these companies, Staples Fulfillment Center, has expressed great satisfaction with the services provided by our teams and has just recently requested an additional work crew.  The staples management team has stated that our work crews have provided a positive example for their own employees, resulting in a "win-win" experience.

We have also continued to move ahead with our "green" program, which includes document destruction and recycling efforts.  Through support and donations from the community, we have grown this program significantly over the past year.  A large donation from the Civitan Foundation made it possible to purchase an industrial shredding machine, which has allowed OSI to take the next step toward receiving large document destruction contracts, such as the recent award of all Franklin County Government shredding.  Certification by NAID, the National Association for Information Destruction, is also in the completion stage, which should provide even more shred opportunities.  It is very important at this time to “get the word out” about these efforts in order to build this program.

In regard to our Production  and Subcontract Services, we continually strive to meet our customer's demands in a timely manner and with excellent quality standards.  Through some recent restructuring and shifting within the Production Department, we have been able to put additional quality control standards in place, as well as better control of work flow and higher work standards. 

Additionally,  the Rehabilitation Department and the Business Department have moved forward in meeting the growing demands and requirements of the Department of Public Welfare and other funding agencies.   Higher standards and increased requirements have provided challenges which the Rehab staff have approached in a positive and successful manner.  Reorganization in the business department has resulted in improved efficiencies in billing procedures and electronic entry of client time.

Other areas where we continue to move ahead and show good results: include our Print Department and Wood shop, with positive bottom lines for the year.  Through the teamwork of the board of directors and staff , the Marketing Committee is moving forward to "spread the word."  The Chambersburg Civitan Club has stepped forward, and taken responsibility for the Fifth Annual OSI Golf Tournament.  Other clubs, including the New Franklin Ruritan and the St. Thomas Ruritan are making it possible, through their donations, for the purchase of much needed production machinery.  All of these efforts, along with a dedicated, cohesive staff and board of directors working as a team, are allowing OSI to embrace the future and move in a positive and productive forward motion.   

In closing, I would like you  to reflect a moment on each of our Core Values:


It is through our dedication to these values each and every day that we will not stand still, but forge ahead together toward our mission of providing valuable opportunities to individuals with disabilities.