Business Testimonials

OSI Testimonial

It gives me a great deal of pleasure to speak to the virtues of being associated with Occupational Services, Inc. I cannot think of a better business situation that could be any more mutually beneficial and win-win than working with this amazing company. Dealing with OSI at our peak times throughout the year allows us to outsource work rather than bring in seasonal employees for such a short period of time. From a bookkeeping and payroll perspective it is as simple as paying any other vendor for their goods and services. The supervision of their outstanding workforce, the quality of their work, the genuine enthusiasm of their workers is instantly recognizable and appreciated. We have had OSI work at our location and we have had them pick up the raw goods from our warehouse, do the work at their location and return the finished goods to us in a timely manner.

OCM (On Campus Marketing)

We have enjoyed the privilege of working with Occupational Services, Inc for the past several years, so when we were asked to write a testimonial on behalf of OSI we were thrilled to respond. Our experience with OSI has always been a pleasurable one. We depend on OSI to do a great deal of item coding with price stickers, counting and packaging of bulk bags and flyers, and counting and packaging product by the dozen. OSI has always come through for us by arranging for pick-up, timely re-delivery of completed items, unbeatable accuracy, and excellent communication. We are fortunate to have an amazing contact who knows our business and is always available to help. We are a seasonal company that enjoys a bulk of our business from August to December. This makes it difficult for our employees to complete the volume of work that needs to be completed in that amount of time. We have tried using temp services in the past, but the cost of temp employees and the supervision necessary to complete our projects was exorbitant. With OSI, we know that the job will be done right – the first time- at a VERY reasonable price. We appreciate everything that OSI has done to make our lives easier.

Quality Wholesale, Inc (Carlisle, PA)

Thank you so much for inviting me to comment on the excellent relationship our two organizations have enjoyed over these many years. To say that Occupational Services, Inc has grown to be an invaluable asset would indeed be an understatement. OSI has been ready, willing and more than able to provide the extra support services that we’ve come to depend upon. Whether it involves the assembly of product literature, training manuals, or one of our sub-assemblies, OSI’s dedication to providing quality services when we need then has become your hallmark.

Carlisle SynTec Inc.