Executive Director

Linda Mayo - Executive Director


OSI CELEBRATES 60 YEARS! How great is that? And we have much to celebrate!! In addition to looking back on the previous year at this time, we cannot help but look back even farther in light of this special year of anniversary events and celebrations. Therefore, a short recap of the last 60 years may be in order:

Our physical presence has expanded as follows:

1957 – OSI is chartered as a 501c3 and begins serving a total of 6 clients with $5,000 provided by the local ARC, Civitan, and private individuals at 17 Redwood Street. (3276 sq. ft.)

1962 – First Addition which is now the Print Shop and lower level garage. (10,044 sq. ft.)

1971 – Huber Annex (7,680 sq. ft. addition- two stories)

1978 – Newest Addition to Redwood Street location, (16,000 sq. ft.) with two levels, elevator and warehouse space, bringing the Redwood Street facility to 37,000 sq. ft.

2014 – Second Facility (Industrial Drive) is purchased for expansion of production and recycling activity. (Adding three loading docks and 18,000 sq. feet.)

In regard to our services and production capabilities, OSI has come a long way from putting bells on baby shoes back in the Fifties, to processing emballage for Volvo and packaging electronic components for CRS in 2017. OSI client programs have also expanded exponentially over the years, from serving 6 clients beginning in 1957 to more than 150 clients served for the 2016-2017 program year. And the number and variety of programs offered has multiplied as well. In addition to the “in-house” subcontract work performed for local companies, many individuals now work throughout the community in our partner companies such as Staples Fulfillment Center and Schreiber Foods. These community relationships are essential to providing quality employment services to clients, and allow each individual to strive toward his or her employment goals. We value our community partners and are pleased that they see us as a “value added” service.

This past year, we are also pleased to have increased exposure through our new website at www.osinc.org and through increased social media presence. Online ordering and payment features are new to our website, and will allow customers to order and pay online. It is increasingly important to reach our potential customers and partners in order to provide a wider range of opportunities to our clients, and also to share our array of offerings with current and potential clients and families. Going forward, we plan to expand our online presence through sales of OSI products and services such as our Secure Document Destruction, Order Fulfillment, and Print Shop services. And our community publication, “The Connector”, has grown tremendously in its distribution throughout the community this past year, with more than 150 distribution points throughout Franklin County. This publication allows opportunities for OSI to “get the word out” about our offerings and services, and has been well received by the community.

During the past year, we have also had significant program and service challenges in regard to state mandated changes. ODP, our major funding stream, has overhauled the service provision system, with the original proposal threatening to discontinue facilities such as OSI. However, due to a huge outcry from clients, families, and employees, ODP has revised their initial proposal, which will allow clients to continue to have choice in services, and allowing OSI to continue providing traditional facility services as well as community participation services.

In regard to financial stability, OSI has maintained a healthy bottom line this past year. And in spite of the lack of any state funding increases over the past five years, OSI has been able to continue moving forward in a positive direction. With mindful spending and maintaining quality and efficiencies in both human and capital resources, we will continue to grow our programs and offerings. And going forward, OSI will not only be in a position to continue, but to expand programs due to ODP’s restructuring, and associated rate adjustments which became effective July 1st of this year.

We have also invested in new operations this past year, and continue to grow some of our newer services. Our newest offering which we have just recently put into operation is that of a pallet/bin washing operation. This new service will provide additional work opportunities to clients at our Industrial Drive location, as well as additional revenue to support our programs. We also continue to expand our recycling efforts in the area of Secure Document Destruction, providing the only NAID certified shredding operation in Franklin County. And from our print shop and wood shop, to improvements in processing subcontract work, OSI continues to offer a wide array of work opportunities to individuals with disabilities.

As we have experienced a great deal of success in reaching the goals and objectives laid out in the current strategic plan (2014-2017), our team has begun working on a new strategic plan with goals taking us to 2020 and beyond. It is important that we understand the changes and challenges that may present themselves as we move forward into the next decade, and proactively seek creative solutions to these opportunities. With our excellent and capable team of staff, who demonstrate integrity and teamwork in their efforts each and every day, I am confident that OSI can and will be the agency of choice for individuals with disabilities who desire to be productive and participating members of our community.

In addition to our staff, I would like to thank our clients, parents, board of directors, local businesses, and stakeholders for their continued dedication and support. For it is only through these relationships and teamwork that OSI can fulfill its mission and dreams!

“Teamwork makes the Dream Work!”

Linda Mayo
Executive Director